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Compliance Information For Prospective Student-Athletes

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Official Visits
An official visit is a visit that is financed in any way by the university. You may go on a total of five official visits, with not more than one going to a particular school. An official visit may be made after the first day of class for high school seniors, high school graduates, and two-year or four-year college transfers (except non-qualifiers in their first year at a two-year college). A men's basketball recruit's first opportunity for an official visit is January 1 of his junior year in high school.

For a prospect to make an official visit to Utah State, he/she must provide:
- a copy of a high school, two-year college, or four-year college transcript
- for high school students, a copy of a PACT, ACT, PSAT, or SAT score from an official examination taken on a national testing date under national testing conditions

An official visit may last up to 48 hours starting either when the prospect arrives on campus or when any kind of entertainment occurs at any site (e.g. restaurant). A prospect's parents/legal guardians, spouse may accompany the prospect on the visit. Utah State may provide them with lodging, meals, and complimentary admissions to university events through a pass list. During the visit, the prospect and those accompanying him/her may not have any contact with boosters or other non-staff representatives of athletics interest.

Unofficial Visits
An unofficial visit is a visit that is completely financed by you, the prospective student athlete. An unofficial visit is an ideal way for you to become acquainted with the university and coaches at a time that is convenient for you. Unofficial visits may occur at any time except for a dead recruiting period. Please contact the coaching staff of your particular sport if you would like to arrange for an unofficial visit. During an unofficial visit, NCAA rules prohibit coaches from providing you with any transportation except to view university facilities. Coaches also may not pay for any meals or entertainment.

Communication with Coaches
While coaches have to wait to a specific period of time toward the end of your high school years before they may contact you by telephone, you may contact them at you own expense at any time.

For an explanation of general academic requirements to be eligible for NCAA competition, please refer to the Student-Athlete Academic Services website or the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Any person that receives any kind of payment for athletics participation, except as specifically permitted by the NCAA, is a professional athlete and is not eligible for intercollegiate competition.

For example, an individual jeopardizes his/her amateur status by:
• Accepting direct or indirect salary, gratuity or comparable compensation for the individual's participation on a team;
• Accepting prize money or payment based on the individual's performance in competition;
• Receiving preferential treatment, benefits, or services because of the individual's athletics reputation or skill (other than expressly authorized by NCAA rules); or
• Accepting expenses to participate in competition, except as expressly provided in NCAA amateurism legislation.

Under NCAA rules, an individual loses amateur status if he/she agrees (verbally or in writing) to be represented by an agent in the present or in the future for the purpose of marketing the student-athlete's athletics ability or reputation. In addition, an individual is not permitted to accept transportation or other benefits from an agent or an individual representing an agent (runner).

The term "agent" includes actual agents, runners (individuals who befriend student-athletes and frequently distribute impermissible benefits), and financial advisors.

NCAA Eligibility Center
Utah State University and the NCAA have specific rules and policies for academic standards and requirements so that you may be eligible to receive an athletic scholarship and compete at the collegiate level. You should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center in order to be cleared as soon as possible. Contact Student-Athlete Academic Service or a coaching staff member with questions regarding how to qualify with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

National Letter of Intent
This is a letter that you sign signifying your commitment to attend a university on an athletics scholarship. Before signing the letter of intent, be sure to carefully read its contents. The letter will be declared null and void in the event that its specific requirements are not met. Specifically, be sure that when you sign the National Letter of Intent, that you are also signing an offer of financial aid from the university. Also, if you are under the age of 21, regardless of your marital status, be sure to have your parent/guardian sign the National Letter of Intent along with the offer of financial aid. A National Letter of Intent will not be issued to those who are not offered financial aid.

Arrival at Utah State
If you decide to attend Utah State, we congratulate you. Please make sure that you cover all of your own travel expenses to get here. Upon arrival, please make sure that you or your scholarship covers all of your own living expenses. NCAA rules do not allow you to live for free with another student.

Outside Scholarships
NCAA rules also apply to scholarships awarded by groups outside Utah State University. To accept this type of scholarship, it must be an established and continuing scholarship program that does not restrict your choice of collegiate institutions, and there cannot be any direct connection between the scholarship donor and Utah State University. Please consult with the Athletics Compliance Office if you have any questions about an outside scholarship.

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