Seven Questions With Greg O'Banion

Feb. 14, 2011

LOGAN, Utah - Greg O'Banion played football for the Aggies in the early 1990s. While a devastating injury ended his football career he was always loved by his teammates.

1. When you think of your time at Utah State, who is the first person you think of?

Haven Hendricks was my advisor. He was a just a good guy. He made sure to go above and beyond what most teachers do in the classroom.

2. What was your most memorable memory as a student athlete?

Beating Fresno State. I grew up 40 minutes or an hour away from Fresno State, it felt good beating them.

3. What is the most fun you have had in the last five years?

That's just watching my kids. With their athletics and just watching them grow. They're very involved in sports and very involved in 4H.

4. If I followed you around for a day at work what would I see you doing?

You'd see me doing a lot of things. We have a dairy, beef cows, and we farm. We are everywhere.

5. When was the last time you were on the USU campus? Who did you reconnect with?

We were at Utah State when they played Boise State in November. I reconnected with Kevin Rice. And I will tell you this, my parents, my folks live here but my Utah parents are the Clark's she worked at the surgery center when I was there. And we reconnect with them every time we come back there. She took good care of me. Each time we come to Logan we make it a point to reconnect with my "Utah parents" the Clarks. Mrs. Clark worked at the surgery center when I was there and took good care of me. And our equipment manager Kenny Stephens. He retired right shortly after we left. But evertime we go back we see him and the Clark's.

6. What is your fondest memory of the Logan area?

Hmm, that's interesting. Ya know it used to just feel like home when you came through the mouth of the canyon and could see the Aggie `A' up on campus.

7. Who would you like to read about, hear from, or catch up with? I had a roommate Charlie Smith, and for the life of me I can't figure out where he's at. The other one I'd like to get in touch with is Mike Vively, he was also a roommate. He's an attorney out in San Diego now. They were both football players. Greg is currently living the dream with his wife and two kids on their ranch in Don Palos, CA. He would enjoy getting back in contact with some of his former teammates via email at:

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