Seven Questions With Jack Stanfill

Feb. 14, 2011

LOGAN, Utah - After a successful college football career in which he helped Utah State remain undefeated against in state rivals University of Utah and Brigham Young, Jack went into the military as a pilot for the US Marine Corp. He flew over 250 missions during the Vietnam War and has over 21,000 hours in the air under his belt. Currently Jack lives with his wife in St. George, UT and enjoys playing golf four or five times a week and flying.

1. When you think of your time at Utah State University, who is the first person you think of? Why?

Mike Gold. He was the offensive tackle. The first spring I was up there in Logan I walked into the old Romney Stadium and saw Mike running steps. It was probably 20 degrees outside and he's wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, and his shirt was black with sweat. As I looked at this guy working so hard I thought to myself I was going to get killed. Mike was a nice man off the field, and a terror on.

2. What was your most memorable experience at USU as a student athlete?

I played in the first game ever in the current Romney Stadium. We won that game, and I was kind of instrumental in keeping the other team out of the end zone.

3. Since Utah State, what activities have you been involved in within your community or engaged in outside of your career?

I belong to the Marine Corp League down in St. George and have done some charity work with them. Also when I used to live in Kentucky I played in and sponsored several golf tournaments to raise money for the local children's hospital. Some other guys and I helped to organize the events and we would raise between $40,000 and $50,000 dollars.

4. How did your experience at Utah State help prepare you for success in your career?

I never used my degree. I got a degree in education. The one thing USU taught me was how to learn. When I first when to flight school it was really basic, but it would become much more involved. If I hadn't learned how to learn I would have ever gotten out of ground school. I had wanted to be a high school football coach, but my life turned and I found out that I loved to fly.

5. What is the most fun you have had in the last five years?

A few years ago I got together with some old teammates of mine to play in a golf tournament in a spring golf tournament in Logan. We ended up winning. It was fun to see us as 60 year olds beating the younger people. We won that tournament four years in a row.

6. If I followed you around for a day, what would I see?

First thing I do after I get up is go down to the hanger and work on my plane a bit, checking the regular maintenance stuff. Then I'm on the golf course about 10 am. I play four or five times a week. I try not to play with my wife, it makes our marriage better. Then some days I do some charity flights for Veterans Airlift Command. We help soldiers see their families, and fly children to hospitals if their parents can't afford to fly them.

7. What were your favorite places in or fondest memories of Logan?

Back when Lund Hall used to be dorms some us got some water balloons and through them at the girls in the next building over. One of the girls we hit happened to be the president of the girl's dorm and came to practice and told the coach what had happened. Those of us that threw the balloons had to run 10 laps, but I had to do 50 laps because I was the dorm president.

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