Seven Questions With Gayle Adamowicz Bray

Feb. 14, 2011

LOGAN, Utah - Gayle Adamowicz Bray, a former volleyball player at USU, sat down with us to answer seven questions about her experience as an Aggie and what she is up to these days.

1. When you think of your time at USU, who is the first person you think of and why?

I think of my husband, Roger Bray, also a USU alumnus (Mechanical Engineering). We met and fell in love at USU, what more can I say?

2. What was your most memorable experience at USU outside of athletics?

My most memorable experience was one of my very FIRST experiences. I was dropped off in front of a dilapidated Pi Kappa Alpha house as an incoming freshman, we were reporting early for volleyball season. I was told this is where we'd be living for the year and then my parents drove away, back to California. No joke! Remember, this is in the early years of Title IX, women's athletics was just getting started, and a run-down frat house was the starting point for housing for women's athletics. I suspect things have changed a little since then.

3. What was your most memorable experience at USU as a student athlete?

Winning the 1978 National Championship. My second most memorable experience? The second place finish at the 1979 National Championships.

4. Since Utah State, what activities have you been involved within your community or engaged in outside of your career?

I spend a lot of time and energy fostering and rescuing dogs and promoting the "adoption option." My current favorite animal welfare groups are Best Friends in Kanab, UT ( and on the local level, Muttville, a senior dog rescue in San Francisco( I'm also on a non-profit board of a start-up animal welfare organization in Sacramento, Calif. We're incorporating strategic planning, the leveraging of Web 2.0, creative social service programs and the development of a social enterprise into our organization structure.

Oh, and Global Village Gifts store in Logan, Utah! I also served on the board and helped establish some business fundamentals and financial tracking systems for that fair trade organization.

5. On the road to success, failure is often a great teacher, is there a time when you failed at something professionally that has been a vital learning experience for you?

When I started my career, I had a goal that I wanted to be a Retail Buyer in five years. It didn't happen for a variety of reasons: the company consolidated divisions; I was impatient and opted to go into sales to broaden my professional experience, etc. However, I ultimately came back and achieved that Buying goal in eight years. Those years in sales kept me from my self-declared five year short- term goal, but in the long term I gained additional skill sets for my career tool box. These skills were hugely beneficial because I learned what it was like to be on the other side of the desk and this ultimately made me a better buyer and negotiator.

6. If I followed you around for a day at work, what would I see you do?

You would probably find me at my computer trying to create brilliant strategies, financial insights and communications for my clients. You would also find me running these brilliant communiqués by my office managers, Lucy & Ricky, for approval. Did I mention that Lucy & Ricky are Golden Retrievers?? They are tough! Rarely do Lucy & Ricky approve my initial work.

7. What were your favorite places in or fondest memories of Logan?

There are lots of them, where do I start? The incredible natural beauty in Cache Valley, the Wellsvilles and Logan Canyon. Other memories.....cinnamon raisin bread with honey butter at The Hub - yuummmm! Can't forget Bluebird Chocolates, we bought seconds at the candy store because we were on a student's budget. Midnight movies ($1) on campus, does anybody remember Rocky Horror Picture Show? I'm probably dating myself. And Smithfield Implement, what a great store, and what a testament to sustainability. It's still open! I visited it on my trip to Logan in September.

Gayle lives in the San Francisco Bay area, and recently joined the National Advisory Board for Aggie Athletics. She would enjoy reconnecting with Aggie alumni via Facebook at Gayle Adamowicz Bray or via email:

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