Utah State Recognizes 185 Student-Athletes At Annual Whitesides Luncheon
Utah State's athletics department recognized 185 student-athletes for achieving a 3.2 grade point average at the 22nd annual Joe E. and Elma Whitesides Scholar-Athlete Luncheon on Tuesday.
April 21, 2015

LOGAN, Utah - Utah State's athletics department recognized 185 student-athletes for achieving a 3.2 grade point average at the 22nd annual Joe E. and Elma Whitesides Scholar-Athlete Luncheon on Tuesday. To be eligible for the honor, student-athletes must have a cumulative 3.2 grade point average or have posted a 3.2 GPA during the last two semesters.

In all, approximately 50 percent of USU's student-athletes earned a 3.2 GPA to qualify for the awards.

The top honoree during the luncheon was Mike Bills. The senior became the fifth straight track & field athlete to be honored with the Joe E. Whitesides Award. In fact, 15 of the past 25 recipients of the award have been from track & field.

"My initial goal was to come here and walk-on, but the academic experience is what has really stood out, along with the athletic experience," Bills said. "It's definitely been a challenge, especially to balance the whole academics and athletics with traveling almost every other week during the season. It's been an obstacle, but at the same time, the staff and also the professors here have been one of the biggest contributions to my time here at Utah State.

"They've had a tremendous impact. They've been very helpful in reaching out and helping me have opportunities to explore other things."

Twenty of the past 24 recipients of the top individual honor have been women. Joining Bills as the only male athletes to win the award during that time include Mike Puzey from men's basketball in 2003, Tyler Ellis from men's track & field who shared the award with Rebecca Anderson and Alison Taylor in 2009, and Daniel Howell from men's track & field who shared the award with Katelyn Heiner in 2012.

As a student-athlete, Bills has been a member of Utah State's indoor and outdoor track & field teams, along with cross country.

Bills, who attended Timpanogos High School prior to Utah State, will graduate this spring with both a bachelor's and master's degree in accounting. The native of Orem, Utah, carries a 4.0 cumulative grade point average. Following graduation, he will begin work for Deloitte, an accounting firm in Washington, D.C, where he completed an internship last summer.

"The accounting program here, I got really lucky because the accounting program over the last four or five years has gone from being a no-name school to one of the top 30 in the nation," Bills said. "I was really luck to get on that bandwagon at the right time. Utah State is really well-known for their accounting now, so I was able to leverage the experience that other Aggies have made to my advantage and get an internship and what eventually turned into a job offer. It's been life-changing and it's been a great experience."

Overall, Bills is a three-time Whitesides Scholar-Athlete recipient. He also earned academic all-conference honors in 2012, 2013 and 2014, to go along with being tabbed a Mountain West Scholor-Athlete in 2013.

Bills is a member of Beta Alpha Psi and the Institute of Management Accountants, where he served as president of the Utah State chapter during the 2013-14 academic year. His academic achievements include receiving the National Stuart Cameron and Margaret McCloud Memorial Scholarship given to only one student each year. In 2013, Bills was awarded the Outstanding Student Leadership Award by the Utah State University School of Accountancy. More recently, he was awarded the Huntsman School of Business Undergraduate Researcher of the year award.

Utah State also handed out team honors and women's tennis was named the top academic team with less than 20 members. Women's cross country was the top academic team with more than 20 members and volleyball was the most improved academic team.

Melanie Stein, an advisor in the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department, was presented the Meet The Challenge Award, while Analise Barker was given the Outstanding Tutor Award and Cree Taylor was given the Outstanding Mentor Award for their work with USU's student-athletes.

The Whitesides honors started in 1953 by former USU athlete, coach and athletics director Joe E. Whitesides.

Whitesides Winner -- Mike Bills
Meet The Challenge -- Melanie Stein
Outstanding Tutor -- Analise Barker
Outstanding Mentor -- Cree Taylor

Top Teams (20-plus members)
1. Women's Cross Country
2. Women's Track & Field
3. Soccer

Top Teams (less than 20 members)
1. Women's Tennis
2. Volleyball
3. Men's Cross Country

Most Improved Teams
1. Volleyball
2. Women's Cross Country
3. Women's Tennis

Jon. M. Huntsman School of Business
Trevor Andersen, Men's Track & Field -- International Business
Jarom Baldomero, Football -- Accounting
Bilal Begic, Men's Basketball -- Business
Kaitlyn Betts, Gymnastics -- Business Administration
Mike Bills, Men's Track & Field -- Accounting
Parker Bluth, Men's Track & Field -- Accounting
Sara Cobb, Soccer -- Accounting
Brennan Coburn, Golf -- Business Administration
Sabrina Demerath, Women's Tennis -- Management Information Systems
Konner Frey, Men's Basketball -- Business
Jordan Hicks, Football -- Accounting
Landon Horne, Football -- International Business
Tanner Jenson, Golf -- Finance
Clay Lambourne, Men's Track & Field -- Management Information Systems
Cole Lambourne, Men's Track & Field -- Business Administration
Dan Mosman, Men's Track & Field -- Finance
Funda Nakkasoglu, Women's Basketball -- Business
DJ Nelson, Football -- Business Administration
CJ O'Neal, Men's Track & Field -- Business Administration
Sam Orchard, Men's Basketball -- Business Administration
Jack Swindells, Men's Tennis -- Economics
Annie Thomas, Softball -- International Business
Zach Vigil, Football -- Business Administration
Tyler Weese, Football -- Business Administration
Michelle Yasukochi, Gymnastics -- Accounting

S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources
Maggie Hallerud, Women's Track & Field -- Wildlife Science
Anna Maki, Women's Track & Field -- Environmental Studies
Megan Rhead, Softball -- Wildlife Science
Elizabeth Winters, Women's Track & Field -- Conservation & Restoration Ecology

College of Engineering
Nic Bowens, Men's Track & Field -- Civil Engineering
Joanna Boyd, Women's Track & Field -- Mechanical Engineering
Danielle Gaztambide, Soccer -- Biological Engineering
Tanner Hunt, Men's Track & Field -- Biological Engineering
Chris Martinez, Men's Track & Field -- Mechanical Engineering
Austin Neuner, Men's Track & Field -- Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Remington, Men's Track & Field -- Mechanical Engineering
Eric Shellhorn, Men's Track & Field -- Civil Engineering
Amanda Stoudt, Women's Track & Field -- Bioengineering
Jeff Taylor, Men's Track & Field -- Mechanical Engineering
Elliot Willis-Orlando, Men's Track & Field -- Mechanical Engineering

Emma Eccles Jones College of Education & Human Services
Ricky Ali'ifua, Football -- Family, Consumer & Human Development
Breyanna Aufiero, Gymnastics -- Exercise Science
Sydney Blair, Women's Track & Field -- Exercise Science
Jessica Brooksby, Soccer -- Exercise Science
Katie Brown, Gymnastics -- Exercise Science
Karlee Campbell, Soccer -- Exercise Science
Sarah Chow, Softball -- Family Life Studies
Samantha Curtis, Soccer -- Exercise Science
McKenzie Davis, Women's Tennis -- Exercise Science
Maddie Day, Volleyball -- Family, Consumer & Human Development
Josie Deere, Soccer -- Exercise Science
Kylie Dibb, Soccer -- Exercise Science
MacKenzie Draper, Women's Track & Field -- Psychology
Mia Estes, Women's Track & Field -- Exercise Science
Edmund Faimalo, Football -- Interdisciplinary Studies
Marcus Fritz, Men's Tennis -- Exercise Science
Rachel Gale, Volleyball -- Exercise Science
Hannah Gleason, Volleyball -- Exercise Science
Sierra Graham, Women's Track & Field -- Exercise Science
Candace Greenwood, Women's Track & Field -- Elementary Education
Austin Groll, Men's Track & Field -- Exercise Science
Maris Hamblin, Soccer -- Exercise Science
Bailee Hammond, Soccer -- Special Education
Lauren Harmon, Soccer -- Family, Consumer & Human Development
Sydney Hart, Softball -- Exercise Science
Lexie Henrie, Soccer -- Family, Consumer & Human Development
Kendsey Hill, Softball -- Elementary Education
Kade Jensen, Men's Track & Field -- Family, Consumer & Human Development
Lynette Johnson, Women's Basketball -- Interdisciplinary Studies
Miranda Kerr, Gymnastics -- Family, Consumer & Human Development
Bethany King, Women's Track & Field -- Elementary Education
Sarah Landes, Gymnastics -- Exercise Science/Marketing
Diane Leach, Women's Track & Field -- Elementary Education
Ann Marie Lee, Soccer -- Exercise Science
Kayla Lee, Women's Track & Field -- Pre-Physical Therapy
Carly Lenzen, Volleyball -- Exercise Science
Meghan Lyall, Women's Tennis -- Psychology
McKinzey Martinez, Gymnastics -- Exercise Science
Bailey McIntire, Gymnastics -- Psychology
Susan Miller, Gymnastics -- Psychology
Grayson Moore, Men's Basketball -- Exercise Science
Lexie Morgan, Soccer -- Exercise Science
Olivia Moriconi, Women's Track & Field -- Pre-Physical Therapy
Kirstyn Namba, Softball -- Pre-Physical Therapy
Elise Nelson, Women's Basketball -- Pre-Physical Therapy
Stefanie Nelson, Gymnastics -- Psychology
Paige Neves, Volleyball -- Family, Consumer & Human Development/Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education
Jordan Nielsen, Football -- Pre-Physical Therapy
Sam Nielsen, Women's Track & Field -- Exercise Science
Rachel Orr, Volleyball -- Exercise Science
Baylee Peck, Women's Basketball -- Math Education
Megan Perkins, Women's Track & Field -- Psychology
Jessica Peterson, Women's Track & Field -- Elementary Education
Ernest Quiocho, Football -- Exercise Science
Dustin Randall, Men's Track & Field -- Exercise Science
Brittany Rawlins, Women's Track & Field -- Exercise Science
Elijah Rogers, Golf -- Pre-Physical Therapy
Bryson Stout, Men's Track & Field -- Physical Education Teaching
Natalie Stoven, Soccer -- Family, Consumer & Human Development
Bradford Strobell, Men's Track & Field -- Pre-Physical Therapy
Bethani Talbot, Women's Track & Field -- Elementary Education
Alexis Turley, Women's Tennis -- Exercise Science
Zach Van Leeuwen, Football -- Psychology
McCoy Willey, Golf -- Interdisciplinary Studies

Caine College of the Arts
Milanna Barnes, Women's Basketball -- Art
Karli Lundquist, Women's Track & Field -- Art
Kaitlyn VanHoff, Volleyball -- Art
Jacqueline Winterton, Women's Track & Field -- Music
Katelyn Zabriskie, Women's Track & Field -- Art

College of Science
Stephanie Crapse, Women's Track & Field -- Biological Chemistry
Tavia Dutson, Women's Track & Field -- Chemistry
Nieka Gutenberger, Women's Track & Field -- Physics
Miranda Hone, Gymnastics -- Chemistry
Mikayla Howes, Soccer -- Public Health
Sara Lorscheider, Soccer -- Biology
Melanie Oster, Gymnastics -- Chemistry
Tori Parkinson, Women's Track & Field -- Public Health
Erin Rickenbach, Soccer -- Physics Teaching
Cidney Robinson, Gymnastics -- Applied Health
Megan Ryan, Women's Track & Field -- Public Health
Hayley Sanzotti, Gymnastics -- Biology
Kathryn Sweet, Women's Tennis -- Physics & Biological Chemistry
Landon Watts, Men's Track & Field -- Biology
Devin Wright, Men's Track & Field -- Biology

College of Agriculture & Applied Sciences
Jordan Beutler, Men's Track & Field -- Plant Science, Plants, Soils & Climate
Sander Brouwers, Men's Track & Field -- Interdisciplinary Studies
Kayla DeCoursey, Volleyball -- Family Consumer Science Education
Laycee Elliott, Women's Track & Field -- Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences
Chari Hawkins, Women's Track & Field -- Family Consumer Science Education
Jacqueline Heaps, Women's Track & Field -- Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences
Mitchell Kalinin, Men's Track & Field -- Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences
Hannah Malone, Women's Track & Field -- Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences
Alastair McMillan, Men's Track & Field -- Landscape Architecture

College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Abby Andrews, Women's Track & Field -- Communication Studies
Makayla Betz, Gymnastics -- Social Work
Maci Bingham, Women's Track & Field -- Interdisciplinary Studies
Andrew Chen, Football -- Journalism
Karlee Deeter, Women's Track & Field -- History & Political Teaching
Tijana Dukic, Women's Basketball -- Communication Studies
Erin Freeman, Women's Tennis -- Journalism
Daniel Gray, Football -- Sociology
Deshane Hines, Football -- Sociology
Wyatt Houston, Football -- Sociology
Seokwon Jeon, Golf -- Sociology
Brooke Larsen-Leavitt, Soccer -- Journalism
Grace McGuire, Soccer -- Journalism
Hunter Meredith, Men's Track & Field -- Social Work
Angela Phillips, Women's Track & Field -- English
Selina Ramsey, Women's Track & Field -- American Studies
Grahm Schmaltz, Golf -- Interdisciplinary Studies
Kallie Sperry, Women's Tennis -- Communication Studies
Amber Thompson, Women's Track & Field -- International Studies
Brock Warren, Football -- Sociology
Zach Waxler, Golf -- Journalism
Jeannie Woller, Soccer -- English

University Studies
John Bennett, Men's Basketball -- Undeclared
Rachel Carroll, Soccer -- Undeclared
Austin Cheney, Football -- Undeclared Business
Nini Guensler, Women's Tennis -- Undeclared Business
Wesley Hamblin, Soccer -- Undeclared
Justin Leeper, Football -- Undeclared
Jordyn McCracken, Softball -- Undeclared
Austin McGiven, Football -- Undeclared
Marcus Mosely, Football -- Undeclared
Danielle Nowers, Soccer -- Undeclared
Maggie O'Meara, Women's Tennis -- Undeclared
Annie Orr, Women's Track & Field -- Undeclared
Phoenix Passey, Football -- Undeclared Business
Jayne Robison, Soccer -- Undeclared Business
Jontrell Rocquemore, Football -- Undeclared
Karan Salwan, Men's Tennis -- Undeclared Business
Sebastian Schneider, Men's Tennis -- Undeclared Business
Colby Schow, Football -- Undeclared
Caroline Weiler, Women's Track & Field -- Undeclared
Kelsey Yamauchi, Women's Track & Field -- Undeclared

School of Graduate Studies
Jaron Bentrude, Football -- Business Administration
Tom Derr, Men's Track & Field -- Environmental Studies
LT Filiaga, Football -- Physical & Sports Education
Craig Harrison, Football -- Physical & Sports Education
B.J. Larsen, Football -- Physical & Sports Education
Michael Okonkwo, Football -- Finance
Taryn Rose, Soccer -- Human Resources
Brian Suite, Football -- Physical & Sports Education
Joe Summers, Football -- Physical & Sports Education
Jodi Williams, Women's Track & Field -- Fitness Promotion

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