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Exclusive Broadcast Rights

To protect the exclusive broadcast rights of the University's radio, television and Internet rights holders, the following industry standard policies and procedures will be enforced.

  • No in-market radio station/network may broadcast live programming that originates from the competition site (Utah State campus for home games) during the live radio broadcast window. This includes live interviews and/or reports/updates via phone or any other form of electronic or instantaneous transmission (See below for social media/blogging policy).
  • The broadcast window begins two hours prior to the scheduled game time and ends two hours after the game concludes.
  • The postgame press conference and all other interviews may be recorded, but not broadcast live.
  • Media outlets may use a maximum of one (1) minute of recorded interviews per hour during the broadcast window. The interviews may not be portrayed as live.
  • Media outlets must follow the media credentials and interview policies as outlined in the Utah State Department of Athletics Media Guide.
  • Coaches, student-athletes and administrators may not be interviewed live at any time during the broadcast window (on or off campus).
  • Network radio highlights and archived broadcasts are the sole property of University and Aggie Sports Properties. Any use by a non-radio rights holder is strictly prohibited.
  • A non-radio rights holder may not use the trademarked terms Utah State, Aggie, Aggies, or other assumed references to Utah State when alluding to the name of its broadcast, or as a part of the title, tagline or promo of a report. Doing so is trading on our goodwill and is a violation of the Lanham Act.

  • No television station/network may broadcast live programming that originates from inside the Stadium during the live telecast. This includes interviews and/or reports.
  • The postgame press conference may be recorded, but not broadcast live.
  • The Mountain West Conference television contract allows for a maximum use of three (3) minutes of recorded footage from each event.
  • Local affiliates are permitted to show up to 0:45 of highlights from an active game during their regularly scheduled news broadcast, with the proviso that they mention the game is currently airing on the rights-holding network.

Social Media, blogging and instantaneous reports
  • Credentialed media may not participate in two-way dialog or real-time chats, including in-game Q&A.
  • Play-by- play reports are not permitted.
  • Media may blog or file a report (i.e., twitter, social media, etc.) only for the organization for which they are officially credentialed.
  • Additional credentials will not be issued to credentialed media outlets to accommodate blogging/social media posts.

Social Media, blogging and instantaneous content guidelines
  • In general, scoring updates, periodic analysis and time remaining is permissible content.
  • Any private conversations between individuals, including coaches, players, administrators, staff, members of the media, etc. are not appropriate content for social media, blogging or for any other reporting during the live play of the game.
  • Utah State Athletics and Aggie Sports Properties will be the final authority to determine if a news entity/network is following these policies.

All media access and credentials are provided at the sole discretion of Utah State and the Athletics Communications department. Credentials and access can be revoked at any time for any reason. This policy may change or be revised at anytime.

Media credential policies are available at www.utahstateaggies.com

Marketing Initiatives
  • Athletics Marketing can have trade and gifts in kind partnerships with any and all radio stations.
  • Athletics staff can appear as guests on any and all radio stations. The appearance cannot be on a regular basis, (i.e., the assistant coach's spotlight sponsored by...) unless it is approved by Aggie Sports Properties.
  • Athletic staff should NOT seek radio sponsors without approval from Deputy Athletics Director and Aggie Sports Properties.
  • Staff should not cut "liners" for on air promotions...unless approved by Aggie Sports Properties.

University Marks
  • University's name and licensed marks, including but not limited to logos, design and trademarks are the sole property of the University.
  • Radio stations, TV stations or any media outlet have no rights, title or interest in the Marks and the Marks shall remain the sole property of the University.
  • University and Aggie Sports Properties strictly prohibit any use of University marks without written authorization.
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