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Priority Points Breakdown

The Big Blue Scholarship Fund's priority point system exists to reward those individuals that have made a commitment to Aggie Athletics. In order to accumulate priority points, one must be an active member of the Big Blue Scholarship Fund, making an annual contribution of at least $100.00. Priority Points determine selection order for season ticket seat assignments, away-game allocation, parking, seat improvements, and other special events or activities.


Cash Contributions
• Historical Giving to Athletics (1988-2012)*

► 1 Point for every $100 given to athletics from 1988-2012 (Includes BBSF, capital campaigns, endowments, irrevocable planned gifts, special projects, and sport specific funds).
*Athletics giving data not available prior to 1988

2013 - Current
• Priority Seating
► 1 Point for every $100 given to the BBSF for priority seating.
• Annual Giving
► 2 Points for every $100 given to the BBSF (not attached to tickets)
• Restricted Giving
► 1 Point for every $100 in restricted giving (includes capital campaigns, special projects, sport specific programs, endowments, and irrevocable planned gifts)

Trade/Gifts in Kind
• Trade/Gifts in Kind
► 1 Point for every $500 worth of goods or services donated to Aggie Athletics

Season Tickets
• Season Ticket Holder
► 1 Point for every consecutive year as a season ticket holder to football.
► 1 Point for every consecutive year as a season ticket holder for men's basketball.

Fixed (one-time allocation)
• USU Letterwinner
► 10 Points for lettering in a varsity sport (20 point max per account)
• USU Alumni
► 2 Points for USU Alumni (4 point max per account)

Donors will be ranked by priority points at specific times throughout the year for the purpose of seat improvements, parking and post-season ticket allocation for football and men's basketball. Gifts made prior to these dates will help your priority point ranking as it applies to seating and benefit allocations.

• Football seat improvements: May 2
• Football parking: August 1
• Men's Basketball Seat Improvements: August 29
• Men's Basketball parking: October 1
• Football Bowl Game: November 1
• Men's Basketball MWC / NCAA Championships: February 15

Gifts made prior to these dates will help priority point ranking as it applies to seating and benefit allocation.

Aggie Points are not property, they are part of a system endorsed by the Athletics Department and the Big Blue Scholarship Fund to determine the order in which donors may be offered certain rights and benefits; therefore, Aggie Points may not be sold under any circumstances, and subject to the following exceptions, Aggie Points may not be pooled or transferred in any way.

• In the case of a husband and wife while married, have established accounts in their personal capacities under different names, priority points resulting from donations made by either spouse may be pooled if the spouses combine their individual accounts into a single joint account.

• In the case of a business entity that merges with one or more businesses with priority points and there is but a single new or "surviving" entity following the merger, accounts for the merging entities can be combined.

• Where a husband and wife divorce and only one spouse is an account holder, priority points resulting from all donations, whether made jointly or separately*, will be credited to the spouse who is the account holder of record.
*Joint donations are donations made in cash during the term of a marriage or donations made by one or both spouses via a check or other instrument that lists the names of both spouses.

• In the case of joint donations where both spouses are listed as account holders, Aggie Points and associated tickets will only be split with written and signed documentation from both parties.

•Historical Giving to Athletics: Historical giving points were rewarded based on total athletics giving from 1988-2012.
•Priority Seating: Priority seating points are based on donations given to the athletics department that are associated with football or men's basketball season tickets. There are approximately 4,500 priority seats for football and 5,100 seats for men's basketball that have a Big Blue Scholarship Fund donation attached to them.
There are many seats that have no donation attached.
•Annual Giving: Annual giving points are based on philanthropic gifts to the Big Blue Scholarship Fund that exceed your priority requirement, or are not necessary for season tickets. These donations show an above and beyond commitment to supporting Aggie student-athletes and are rewarded with 2 points for every $100 donation.
•Restricted Giving: Points for restricted gifts are based off of donations to specific athletics programs or special projects. Examples of restricted gifts include but are not limited to: Olsen Fund, Basketball/Volleyball practice facility, Strength & Conditioning Center, scholarship endowments, planned gifts, or gifts that support the advancement of any specific sport.
•Priority Point Ranking: Each donor is given a priority point ranking based on the total number of points earned through their support of Utah State University Athletics.

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