Utah State Track & Field Launched Outdoor Season, Breaking the Men’s Javelin Record at the Spring Break Collegiate Classic
IRVINE, Calif. – Utah State’s track & field teams surged into the 2017 outdoor season by breaking the men’s javelin record, while capturing 11 event titles, Friday and Saturday, at the UC Irvine-hosted Spring Break Collegiate Classic.
March 18, 2017


IRVINE, Calif. – Utah State’s track & field teams surged into the 2017 outdoor season by breaking the men’s javelin record, while capturing 11 event titles, Friday and Saturday, at the UC Irvine-hosted Spring Break Collegiate Classic.  

Veteran USU head coach Gregg Gensel was very pleased with the all-around talent and improvement he saw from both teams this weekend.

“We have not run all the away around an outdoor track more than one or two times this year, so for them to come out and compete in all of these races was good for them to get used to,” said Gensel. “The second thing you want is for them to be able to perform at the highest level they can and they did a great job of doing that.” 

Redshirt freshman Sindri Gudmundsson set the first Aggie record of the outdoor season in his first collegiate competition, winning the men’s javelin with a mark of 72.24m (237-00).  Gudmundsson past the previous record of 71.98m set by Neil Warr in 2003. 

“When we recruited Sindri we knew it was going to be a while until he competed for us,” said Gensel. “Obviously he’s a great athlete and I’ve really appreciated how hard he’s worked to get himself back to where he was at. While watching his competition, you could see that the first throw was to see where he was at, but no matter how much you rehab from surgery, you always have a little bit of doubt the first time you return to compete. Although he didn’t express those doubts, I’m sure he had some, but I was very impressed with the way he handled himself.”  

Gudmundsson’s senior teammate and returning Mountain West champion, Devin Wright, placed second in the javelin with a personal-best mark of 64.78m (212-6.25), which ranks fifth all-time in school history. 

Junior David Hirschmann won the discus with a mark of 52.77m (173-1.50) and placed second in the shot put with a distance of 17.07m (56-0) to further fortify the throwing corps.

Senior AJ Boully won the 400m hurdles with a time of 51.19, while turning in a time of 14.56 in the 100m hurdles, placing him second in that event.

Boully’s 400m hurdles time is the best in the nation right now and he has only beaten that a couple of times, so things are starting out really good for him,” added Gensel.

Freshman Luke Beattie led the men in the 5,000m with a victory and a time 14:23.07.

“Luke Beattie was the cross country freshman of the year this year and he showed why,” said Gensel. “He had a personal record in the 5,000m yesterday and almost everybody who ran the 5,000m got a personal record.”   

Senior Mia Estes was off to a stellar start to the 2017 season by winning the javelin with a mark of 47.93m (157-03).

In the women’s running events, Christine Van Brocklin-Parker earned a victory in the 400m hurdles with a time of 1:01.11, while senior Tori Parkinson won the 5,000m with a time of 17:18.76

In other women’s throwing action, junior Olivia Moriconi captured the gold in the shot put with a distance of 15.27m (50-1), moving her to fifth all-time in USU history. Additionally, sophomore Brenn Flint finished runner-up in the shot put with a mark of 14.83m (48-7.75).

To round out the field events, sophomore Jennifer Christensen won the high jump with a leap of 1.65m (5-4.75).

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Women’s Results:

100m (finals) – 15. Caoimhe Kofoed, 13.01; 19. Gabrielle Edeen, 13.29.

100m Hurdles (finals) – 12. Alyssa Hirschi, 15.52; 13. Niki Xydona, 15.56; 16. Kaylie King-Arnold, 16.00; 17. Aspen Drecksel, 16.59.

200m (finals) – 20. Lexus Miller-Moylan, 26.34; 23. Caoimhe Kofoed, 26.80.

400m Hurdles (finals) – 1. Christine Van Brocklin-Parker, 1:01.11; 10. Nakyla Jude, 1:10.50.

800m (finals) – 9. Corinne Clarkson, 2:24.69.

3,000m (finals) – 2. LeAnn Larkin, 9:53.81; 3. Bailee Parker, 10:00.86; 6. Kelsey Girardelli-Siddoway, 10:40.54; 7. Josie Givens, 10:51.90.

3,000m Steeplechase (finals) – 4. Joanna Boyd, 11:19.03; 6. Heather Holt, 11:28.22; 7. Sydney Jacobs, 12:04.08.

5,000m (finals) – 1. Tori Parkinson, 17:18.76; 4. Tavia Dutson, 17:41.71; 6. Jacqueline Heaps, 17:56.16; 9. Selina Ramsey, 18:09.14.

High Jump (finals) – 1. Jennifer Christensen, 1.65m (5-4.75); 4. Alyssa Hirschi, 1.60m (5-2.75).

Long Jump (finals) – 11. Kaylie King-Arnold, 5.45m (17-10.50); 12. Niki Xydona, 5.34m (17-6); 20. Anna Maki, 4.93m (16-2).

Triple Jump (finals) – 4. Anna Maki, 10.87m (35-7.75).

Hammer Throw (finals) – 5. Olivia Moriconi, 44.87m (147-02.50); 10. Michala Zilkey, 44.12m (144-09); 12. Maia Garren, 43.83m (143-09.50); 13. Brenn Flint 42.97m (140-11.50).
Shot Put (finals) – 1. Olivia Moriconi, 15.27m (50-1); 2. Brenn Flint, 14.83m (48-7.75); 4. Maia Garren, 14.39m (47-2.50); 12. Kaylie King-Arnold, 11.10m (36-5); 13. Alyssa Hirschi, 10.19m (33-5).

Discus (finals) – 3. Brenn Flint, 46.25m (151-8.75); 5. Olivia Moriconi, 44.21m (145-0.50); 7. Michala Zilkey, 43.66m (143-2.75); 12. Maia Garren, 35.88m (117-8.50).

Javelin (finals) – 1. Mia Estes, 47.93m (157-03); 5. Niki Xydona, 36.36m (119-3.25); 6. Aspen Drecksel, 27.78m (91-1.50).

Men’s Results:

110m Hurdles (finals) – 2. AJ Boully, 14.56; 7. Tyler Lloyd, 15.55.

200m (finals) – 12. Nick Ashby, 22.39; 14. Garen Earley, 22.54.

400m (finals) – 1. Joshua Gordon, 48.38; 4. Nick Ashby, (49.08); 5. Elliot Willis-Orlando, 49.09; 7. Zack Bell, 50.31; 8. Junior Tovar, 50.40.

Hammer Throw (finals) – 5. Oran Wasserman, 52.10m (170-11); 9. Jaydon Lord, 41.33m (135-7).

Pole Vault (finals) – 3. Sam Nelson, 4.92m (16-1.50); 8. Matt Calvin, 4.32m (14-2).

400m Hurdles (finals) – 1. AJ Boully, 51.19; 5. Tyler Lloyd, 54.95; 9. Samuel Wing, 55.96.
4x400m Relay (finals) – 1. Michael Bluth, Brady Martin, Nick Ashby, Elliot Willis, 3:11.03

800m (finals) – 4. Dylan Barker, 1:52.85.

1,500m (finals) – 12. Sam Coleman, (4:04.97).

3,000m (finals) – 7. Adam Hendrickson, 8:43.42.

5,000m (finals) – 1. Luke Beattie, 14:23.07; 2. James Withers, 14:25.51; 3. Brody Smith, 14:30.93; 4. Darren Harman, 14:31.72.

Triple Jump (finals) – 3. Kyle Brost, 14.33m (47-0).

High Jump (finals) – 5. Kyle Brost, 1.90m (6-2.75).

Javelin (finals) – 1. Sindri Gudmundsson, 72.24m (237-0); 2. Devin Wright, 64.78m (212-6.25);

7. Chase Thurgood, 53.35m (175-0.25).

Shot Put (finals) – 2. David Hirschmann, 17.07m (56-0).

Discus (finals) – 1. David Hirschmann, 52.77m (173-1.50); 8. Jaydon Lord, 43.97m (144-3).




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