BYU at Utah State post-game quotes
Dec. 2, 2017

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USU head coach Tim Duryea:
"One of the more frustrating basketball games I've ever been involved in. You have objectives going into a game and you look at a stat sheet after a game and you accomplish a lot of those objectives, you outscore the other team, you make more field goals, you make more three, you get twice as many offensive rebounds and you just can't make any free throws. That is really, really frustrating. First half, we were tremendous defensively. Not as good the second half, they made a couple of adjustments. We broke down a couple times and that cost us. Too many fouls even really before we started trying to foul them. We're a solid team for stretches, we've got to be a solid team for longer stretches. We'll get there. We're getting healthier. We're getting guys back slowly, but surely. It's a rough game to throw guys into when they haven't played. It's a rough way to start. We're showing signs of getting better in a lot of areas. We've got to solve some mental issues at the foul line. That's unexplainable to me. Very frustrating game."

On junior forward Dwayne Brown Jr.:
"We're asking him to do more things than I think he's been asked to do before in terms of versatility offensively. We want him to bring the ball in the break some, we want him to shoot the three. We've got to get him posted a couple more times than we are. We wanted to drive the ball and create opportunities for teammates. He had the right mindset. Defensively in the first half, he was good. He broke down in some areas in the second half. But, that's the kind of mentality, that's the kind of approach we need from Dwayne. I was pleased to see him respond in a favorable manner."



On the play of the offense in the first half:
"They had one offensive rebound at halftime. Obviously, that was a big emphasis of ours. We made a lot of good plays in the first half. We put foul pressure on their defense. Layups and free throws, that's what you talk to Junior Jazz kids about, that's what you talk to junior high, high school teams about: layups and free throws. Obviously, at this level you have to convert those. They're too hard to get. When you do get them, you have to convert them. We talked about that at halftime. That's something they've got to do. We have to finish around the rim and we have got to knock down free throws. Sometimes it's the case of the wrong guys getting fouled maybe. That wasn't the case tonight. We've got to step up there and knock more down. We've got to stay aggressive, we've got to drive the basketball. That's the way our offensive team is built. To play in space, to drive it and to create 3-point shots. When you drive the ball, you do put a lot of pressure on the other team's defense, but you have to capitalize when you do that."

USU sophomore guard Sam Merrill:
"It's, obviously, a frustrating loss at home with such a good crowd. Especially the way we lost. We guarded really well in the first half, didn't do as well in the second half, but we made more shots than them, we made more threes than them. You go 10-for-23 from the line and you're just not going to win games. So, for that reason it's real frustrating. "

USU sophomore guard Koby McEwen:
“We just need to play two halves. It starts with me, I need to make free throws. We all need to make free throws. But, as a leader, it starts with me. I got to the free throw first and I didn’t make mine. We just need to get better. There is nothing else I can tell you.”

BYU head coach Dave Rose:
"You throw Saturday in from last week and go Saturday to Saturday, it's three big wins, and you see a lot of competitive spirit in our group. This is a unique place to play, period. But BYU coming in here, makes it a little more special, especially for the teams. It was a great crowd, and I think our guys were really amped up to play. We got a lot of good shots to start the game, but we couldn't make them. The thing that won the game for us was how we competed in that 8-, 10-, 12-minute stretch when we were stuck on five. We didn't get to 20 or 18 or whatever the number could have got to. We kept that thing right around seven or eight, then maybe got to 11 at one point. That allowed us, that once we figured out how we needed to score and how we needed to play, we weren't going to be able to make some of these wide-open threes, we have to drive that thing in there."

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