Transcript - Utah State head coach Tim Duryea on Boise State
Jan. 16, 2018

USU men's basketball head coach Tim Duryea addressed the media on Tuesday and answered questions about the upcoming game at Boise State on Wednesday, Jan. 17. The complete transcript of the press conference can be found below. 

On Boise State:
“Boise State, I really enjoy watching them play. They’re a fun group to watch. They play a good style of basketball. They’re up-tempo. They can really shoot the three, they’re a really unselfish group and are led by a legitimate NBA prospect in Chandler Hutchison. He’s, obviously, during the first six games of the conference, been on an unbelievable tear. They’re very well- balanced, and they know their roles. They do a good job of playing to their strengths. (Justinian) Jessup is a guy that’s going to space the floor and shoot it off the catch. (Chris) Sengfelder has come in and given them some of the things (Nick) Duncan used to with being able to score on the post and being able to make threes and stretch it out. They give Hutchison a lot of room to drive it, and they keep the floor spaced offensively. The point guard has come in from Valpo as a grad transfer and has really done a good job filling his role, as well. Across the board, great parts that all fit together. You get caught up in their offense because they’re good to watch and fun to watch and very explosive, yet you look at their defensive stats, and they play two defenses extremely well and do a good job guarding the three-point line. We’ll have our work cut out for us on both ends of the floor. I think the main thing about going there is, unlike Reno, we have to get transition defense. We have to get our defense set and put together so we have a chance to compete in the half court.”

On Boise State’s defense:
“They went to more of a pack-style man-to-man defense where they’re really help-oriented. They used to be out pressuring you a little more. Now, it feels like they’re a little simpler, they don’t do as many things, but what they do, they do really well. They’ve played a lot more 2-3 zone this year than they did last year, and it’s been good for them. They’ve done a good job of playing really wide, taking the 3-pointer away. You have to get the ball inside their zone and attacking them there to be effective. “



On Boise State’s Chandler Hutchison:
“He takes good 3-point shots. He’s not a guy that’s going to run off of screens and have a quick trigger and shoot the ball from three on the move a lot. He is a guy that is drive-first, does a good job on the glass and can finish in a variety of ways around the basket. There’s other guys that make plays for him. I think Lexus Williams has done a good job in terms of the way he drives the ball a lot to pass. He makes good plays for Sengfelder and sets Hutchison up for a lot of open 3-point looks. Chandler Hutchison’s a guy that averaged three points a game his freshman year and was really a glue guy. He never really had the ball in his hands. He was kind of a trash man getting the offensive rebounds, guarding the other team’s best player, that type of guy. He really wasn’t much of an offensive threat at all. He’s really done a great job of developing his game to where now he’s as complete and dangerous a guy in this league. He gets the rim non-stop. We have to do a better job of getting our defense set, closing down some those driving lanes and making somebody else beat you.”

On Boise State’s bench:
“(Alex Hobbs) is really the consistent guy. He’s their second-leading scorer in league and has had some good games all throughout the pre-conference season and has done a good job in conference. As far as scoring goes off the bench, (Robin) Jorch doesn’t score much off the bench, (Marcus) Dickinson will score a little bit, but their scoring punch off the bench is Hobbs. He’s a lower-case Hutchison in the way he plays. He can make a three, really drives the ball hard to his right and scores in the lane. He does some of those same things to pick up the slack for him.”

On Boise State’s Casdon Jardine (brother of former Aggie Brady Jardine):
“He’s gotten limited opportunities so far, and when he’s been in there he’s done a solid job. He played some minutes at Wyoming and did a good job. He plays his role. He’s physical, he’s a good defender and he’s a threat from three. Sengfelder’s just playing so well. Then, what they do when they take him out, mostly, is they’ll go small like everyone else, and they’ll play Hutchison at the four, which is a really, really hard matchup. He’s probably the hardest matchup at the four, when he plays the four, as there is in the league. We’ll have to adjust to two drastically different lineups.”

On Utah State’s preparation:
“I think we’ve had two really good days of preparation. I feel like we got a little spunk back, hopefully. We have to go in there, before there’s any type of game plan or anything else in place, and compete. You have to physically compete on every possession. It’s the things that don’t show up on the box score. It’s how hard you run back on defense. It’s how physically you block out. They’re plus-eight on the glass. They are relentless the way they run it at you. After made shots, after missed shots, that ball is coming at you. We have to do some of the things that good basketball teams do that give you a foundation of success. The things that we did not do well at Nevada. Number one is get your defense set. We did a lot of good things offensively at Nevada, but you have to put the ball in the basket, that’s the bottom line. No matter how good you look if the ball doesn’t go in, it’s a bottom-line type situation. I’d like to see us carry over a lot of the things offensively we did at Nevada, and finish it with, obviously, a few more made shots, be a little more efficient, which will allow us to get our defense set even more.”

On the health of the team:
“Klay Stall has had his back surgery and is out for the year. He had his back surgery Monday. Brock Miller had some nasal surgery done. We decided to get that done, and he can be on the mend with his foot and nose at the same time. We might as well get it all done together, and then come summer, Brock will be 100 percent and ready to go. Brock is out for the year with Norby and Klay. Julion Pearre had an MRI on his ankle earlier this week. His ankle has not been responding to treatment and hasn’t really been getting that much better. There’s still hope for him to come back at some point and contribute, but those other three guys are going to miss the rest of the year.”

On Brock Miller’s ability to return:
“Brock will get a medical redshirt and come back next year as a freshman. He’ll be a really, really good freshman for us in next year’s class. We really anticipate a big year from him and from Klay. Klay will not be able to get (a medical redshirt) until the end of his career, if he gets it. He’s already redshirted once, he would have to petition for that. Really frustrating on Klay’s behalf because he was actually really coming on and giving us some things that we need. It’s frustrating to have his development just halted with the back surgery. But, it was a roaring success. They took a big chunk out of his back, and he was already up and walking yesterday. I think he’ll have a 100 percent recovery.”

On Utah State’s offense at Nevada:
“Grading the film offensively, I thought our ball movement, our man movement and our thinking, how intelligently we played against their defense, I thought was really, really good. We just didn’t finish any shots, and that goes along with just really not being mentally ready to play, which is kind of unexplainable.”


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