Stew Morrill Quotes - 1-31-14

Jan. 31, 2014

LOGAN, Utah - USU men's basketball head coach Stew Morrill's quotes previewing Saturday's game at Wyoming:

On another big test for team and previewing the Wyoming game:

"The biggest challenge is to stay positive, keep working hard and try to figure out what you can do to win some close games. When you start getting discouraged and getting your dauber down, it compounds your problems. For the most part I don't think we're doing that. We had a good workout today. We've had a tough stretch, there's no question about it. Our guys know that. We've got another tough opponent at Wyoming. I've been there enough times to know how hard it is to win there. We have to go in there and compete and give it the same effort as we have a couple times on the road and we'll be in the game and have a chance. Hopefully we can do that."

On anything unique about playing at Wyoming:

"There's a lot of brown. They're gold and brown. We'll be at 7,000 feet and they'll try and play that game with you like Air Force does. Hopefully we won't fall for that. Mainly through the years it's just been another good basketball school. They've had a lot of success through time. Jim Brandenburg had great success, Benny Dees had success, all the way to back to Bill Strannigan. You go up there and it's like all road games. They can get real crazy there, I don't know how they'll be. I don't know if there's anything real different about it, it's just another tough place."

On Wyoming star forward Larry Nance, Jr. and the rest of the team:

"He's the guy that your preparation has to start with. He's going to score some, he's going to get some dunks, he's going to block some shots. He's very athletic, very strong, very impressive to watch on film. I'm sure he'll be just as impressive in person. You know what I see most? I see a really tough-minded group. Larry (Shyatt) has done a great job of recruiting those kind of kids. They're going to play real solid offense, they're going to play real solid defense, they're not going to beat themselves. They have a nice mix of drivers and shooters. They have a 2-guard who drives the heck out of the ball and can also shoot, their point guard is a great shooter, they have great shooters off the bench. I'm just impressed. When you look at their record at home, playing New Mexico in overtime, it's going to take a good effort on our part. We can't go in like we did our last outing at UNLV. That won't work. We have to play well."



On chartering the flight to Laramie:

"I'm sure the administration is tired of hearing me talk about it. I think about that sometimes. The best thing I can tell you is that we're going to get on the charter, it will be an hour and six minutes to Laramie from Logan International Airport. If we went the normal way, it's three hours-plus to get to and through Salt Lake City Airport, fly to Denver, get on a bus for another two and a half hours, you're looking at about seven hours total. It's an hour and six minutes versus about seven hours. Another good thing is we'll save some money with the game in the afternoon we can come home right after the game and don't have to get home Sunday afternoon. It's a great luxury when you can do it. We're appreciative that we can do it this time."

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