Stew Morrill Quotes - 2-28-14

Feb. 28, 2014

LOGAN, Utah - USU men's basketball head coach Stew Morrill's quotes previewing Saturday's game at San José State:

Previewing San José State and if much has changed since playing them in early January:

"Their style of play is still the same. Half of their shots are threes and that's an incredible stat. They're actually better off shooting threes than twos percentage wise. When you look at getting three points for a basket versus two, it makes some sense, you just don't see it very often. When they were here they made 15 threes and nine twos. Their best opportunity to win is to shoot you out from three and that's what they'll be looking to do. As you recall, they did a good job of it here, especially in the first half. We've got to be able to defend the three-point line.

"It's like us winning five games, you look at all the what-ifs and could-have-beens. We had those four or fives games that we could have won, but San José State has had a bunch of them at home. New Mexico beat them by four or five, threw some stuff in at the end and won. Colorado State won by two. Every game that they've lost at home for the most part has been really close. They see us rolling into town at 5-11 and are probably licking their chops thinking this is their chance to get a win. We need to feel like we're better than 5-11 and go play.

"What concerns you obviously are two road games, early wake-ups, all the travel. That's nothing but an excuse and that's the way we're approaching it. We don't need an excuse, we need to go play. We only have a few opportunities left this season and we need to go play."

On SJSU freshman guard Rashad Muhammad coming off the bench and being the team's leading scorer and leading in minutes played:

"I have no understanding of that. I'm sure they have their reasons, whatever they might be. Maybe he likes coming off the bench, maybe something else, I don't know. You have to treat him as a starter. He's the leading scorer and plays a lot of minutes."



On DJ Brown's decreased playing time:

"He's not playing as many minutes as maybe he had against us, but he's had some bright moments. He played well against us, so we certainly need to be aware of him. (Devante) Wilson is a guy that 80 percent of his shots are threes. The kid inside, (Chris) Cunningham, has played well against us before. A lot of us are familiar with some of their personnel that's been around. We're also familiar with what we're getting into. It's a totally different environment than the New Mexico situation. You can't let that affect you. I say that, but I've seen it affect players before. Hopefully we're strong enough to go play and be excited and ready to play. The clock is ticking, for the seniors especially, but for the end of the season in general."

On all three players on the USU roster from California being close to the San José area and getting to play there close to friends and family:

"It means a lot to them, but it makes me nervous. I've seen that go either way. Either they're so excited to have family and friends there that they can't perform or I've seen it help guys where they're excited so they play well. It's one of those deals that can go either way and hopefully it goes our way."

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