Coach and Player Quotes On The Aggies Trip To The NCAA's



Head Coach Stew Morrill:

On playing in Greensboro, N.C.:

"For our fans' sake we were certainly hoping to be out west. We felt like after last year being shipped across the country (Birmingham, Ala.) maybe we'd get fortunate this year and have a chance to go to Boise or San Diego. That didn't happen, but that's the nature if selections and we are excited to be playing a team of Ohio State's caliber. It's a tremendous challenge and a short turn around time playing on Thursday. We've got to make sure we are fresh and ready to go. That's going to be huge for us to get ourselves prepared and ready to go. Watching the TV here I see that BYU got the 12th seed, same as us, but they are in San Diego. Maybe we should have said we weren't going to play on certain days too, maybe that would have helped us stay out west. Everything is good right now. I'm not going to allow anybody in our program feel bad about where we are going, who we are playing, what are seed is, that's crazy. Let's just feel good and be happy that we are in it two years in a row."

On being a 12th seed:

"It's kind of what I expected. It was not a surprise. You just kept your fingers crossed and maybe be fortunate enough to play out west. It didn't happen and we will be ready to go when the time comes."

On Ohio State having an advantage because it only played one game in its tournament:

"I just need to get to the film room as soon as possible. I've seen Ohio State in passing is all. Once I watch them I will go back to my personnel. I know they are always well coached and they are unbelievably talented, but we will just get excited to play and get ready. I think the fact that we are going back to back years it won't be like its all new surroundings to us and we won't be kind of overwhelmed by the process. Hopefully we'll be able to focus in on the preparation we need to compete in this game."

On playing in North Carolina where basketball almost seems like a religion:

"That's a real positive. In Birmingham last year the place wasn't even sold out. I still can't figure why they wouldn't want to get three or four thousand Aggie fans in Boise or something like that. I guess the NCAA with big TV contracts isn't worried about gate receipts. It will be a great environment for college basketball."

On how playing in the NCAA's last year will help this year:

"You never know until you play, but I think the whole process was kind of overwhelming last year in terms of all the coverage and all the media and television takes over when you get to the NCAA tournament. It's not a situation where you have much to say about anything. They tell you everything you're doing. For the kids last year I think they were just kind of overwhelmed by everything. I think we'll have seen it and hopefully be better able to deal with it. We lost by eight to UConn last year and I've read that we got blasted by UConn and we didn't, we competed. When we watch the tapes from that game we really didn't think we played nearly as well as we could of. I think the kids feel that way and their goal will be to play better then we did a year ago."

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Senior point guard Bernard Rock:

On last year's experience helping the team this year:

"I think it's going to help so because last year we didn't know what to expect. We were all new to it and all our stomachs were tossing and turning and we were all excited. We are a little more mature. We know what to expect this time and we are just going to go out there and try to win."

On having to travel across the country to play:

"It's going to be kind of tough traveling, but we are basketball players and we know what it's going to be like playing basketball. We are going to go out there have a nice little rest for a couple of days and get ready for Ohio State. It's time to play, this is what this is all about. There is no time to be tired right now. We are just going to go out there and try to win."

On knowing anything about Ohio State:

"I know about (Brian) Brown their two guard. He's been playing really well on a lot of the games I've seen on TV. He's been stepping up for them and leading in scoring and making them win. Also their center is long and lanky and likes to block shots. I don't know too much but I know a little about them. We are just going to go out there and play hard and try to get a win."

Senior forward Shawn Daniels:

On his thoughts on playing Ohio State:

"I think it's good for us. I haven't seen Ohio State play much this year but I think we will be all right, we just need to get ready to play."

On playing three games in three nights and Ohio State playing just one game at its tournament:

"We have a real good team this year and real good team chemistry. Everyone is playing really good together right now and we are playing real good team defense and I think that is going to help us a lot."

On worrying about being tired from the travel:

"No, we basically have a whole week to rest and we have the rest of today. Practice won't be too tough on us this week, we are leaving Tuesday. We just have to go out and get rested and once we get there we will be there a couple of days early so we'll get a lot of rest while we are there."

On being more confident this year since the team made the tournament last year:

"I think it will help a lot. I think it will help get some of the nervousness out. Last year we were real nervous going into the first tournament that we had been to. We didn't know what to expect out there that far. We are going a little farther this time but we'll be all right once we get out there and get some rest."

On being a 12th seed:

"I really didn't know. I really don't know how they seed these things. It's kind of up to them where they seed us and we just have to live with where they seed us and we'll go out and play strong and everyone is pretty confident with the game they're playing."



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