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                       Utah State Game-by-Game Highs (as of Dec 09, 2017)
                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
at Weber State            11/10/17  59-65   L   12-DARGENTON, Al  5-BROWN JR., Dw  3-MERRILL, Sam   1-ISBY, DeAngel  1-MERRILL, Sam
                                                                                                      Brito, Diogo
MONTANA STATE             11/13/17  81-73  W    20-McEWEN, Koby  11-DARGENTON, Al  4-McEWEN, Koby   2-MERRILL, Sam   2-STALL, Klay
                                                                                     Merrill, Sam     BROWN JR., Dw
MISS. VALLEY STATE        11/15/17  83-47  W    17-ISBY, DeAngel  6-TAYLOR, Quinn  5-MERRILL, Sam   3-ISBY, DeAngel None
                                                                    Henson, Daron    McEwen, Koby
at Gonzaga                11/18/17  66-79   L   19-MERRILL, Sam   7-BRITO, Diogo   6-MERRILL, Sam  None             None
at Portland State         11/20/17  79-83   L   23-MERRILL, Sam  15-BROWN JR., Dw  3-MERRILL, Sam   2-PORTER, Abel  None
                                                                                     Porter, Abel
vs Northeastern           11/24/17  71-67  W    19-MERRILL, Sam   6-DARGENTON, Al  3-MERRILL, Sam   2-MERRILL, Sam  None
                                                                                                      DARGENTON, Al
                                                                                                      ISBY, DeAngel
vs New Hampshire          11/25/17  77-63  W    20-MERRILL, Sam   7-ISBY, DeAngel  5-ISBY, DeAngel  3-BRITO, Diogo  None
at Valparaiso             11/28/17  65-72   L   19-MERRILL, Sam   7-ISBY, DeAngel  4-MERRILL, Sam   3-AINGE, Crew    1-DARGENTON, Al
                                                                                                                       Henson, Daron
                                                                                                                       Stall, Klay
                                                                                                                       Taylor, Quinn
BYU                       12/02/17  66-75   L   20-McEWEN, Koby   8-BROWN JR., Dw  3-McEWEN, Koby   2-MERRILL, Sam   1-STALL, Klay
                                                                                                      McEwen, Koby     DARGENTON, Al
UC IRVINE                 12/06/17  62-59  W    13-MERRILL, Sam   6-TAYLOR, Quinn  4-ISBY, DeAngel  2-DARGENTON, Al  2-DARGENTON, Al
                                                                    DARGENTON, Al
vs U of U                 12/09/17  67-77   L   24-ISBY, DeAngel  8-ISBY, DeAngel  4-MERRILL, Sam   2-PEARRE, Julio  1-TAYLOR, Quinn