Postgame Quotes
Sept. 7, 2017

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Postgame Quotes
vs. Idaho State
Sept. 7, 2017

“First of all, this was a good team win. It’s always satisfying to come out and perform the way we did right out of the gate. We talked about getting a fast start and running the ball with pace offense. I thought our defense played okay. It was a little bit of bend but don’t break a little early on. We moved the ball well. We played catch and caught some contested balls. I thought Kent (Myers) was fairly accurate and we gave him a decent amount of time to throw. I liked the way we started, we had good energy. I liked the way we came out in the third quarter in the first possession on both sides. Honestly though, I thought our twos have a lot of growing up to do. That will be a lot of good tape for us to see. We’ve got some young guys who need to grow up and learn how we do things around here. A lot of that last quarter-and-a-half was just okay, but there are guys in there that we’re going to need down the stretch. All-in-all it was a good win. We had a good crowd, and it’s good to be back on the winning side. Now we get ready to go to Wake Forest next week.”

On Kent Myers’ start to his senior year:
“Today was a good step in the right direction for Kent. When you protect him and have guys catch the ball, you gain confidence as a quarterback. He got us in and out of plays and we played fast. He has to continue to build off of it, and we all do on offense.”

On learning about the team on both ends of ‘extreme’ opponents:
“We’ll know a whole lot more about the Aggies in the first four weeks. Now we play Wake Forest and San José State and have to find a way to win on the road. One is an ACC, Power 5 opponent, then one will be a Mountain West. We can draw some observations from these first two games, but we can’t draw conclusions. We’ll know a little bit more about where we’re at after the next two games.”



UTAH STATE SENIOR QUARTERBACK Kent Myers: On how sharp he felt going into the game:
“I felt really sharp. My preparation throughout the week, I came in there with a chip on my shoulder, saying the Wisconsin game didn’t go the way that we wanted to. I knew I was going to have to grind 10 times harder this game, so my preparation really came out and we just executed. A lot of guys made a lot of really good plays for us and we just have to keep it going.”

On how it feels to get a win:
“It’s been a long time. It feels good to get a win in the first home game and give the fans what they want to see. It feels good to have that confidence going into Wake Forest next week, and I’m just excited to see what we’re going to do.”

On going from playing a No. 9 team to a Big Sky team:
“To me, and how coach Wells and coach (Dave) Scholz say, it’s not about who we play, it’s how we execute. We don’t care if it’s Big Sky or a No. 9 team, if we execute the way that we are supposed to, it’s going to be a good game for us. With turnover and things like that, if we keep the ball and get turnovers on defense, too, if we play to our best potential, then anything’s possible.”

“I thought the defense played good today, we had two turnovers, three if you count the blocked punt. There were some errors that we need to correct, but we’ll work on that this week.”

On his interception and return for a touchdown:
“They kept running their number three out, so I just said that the next time they did it, I was going to jump it. They did it, and I jumped it. The ball came, so I picked it and then I went for six.”

On the defense’s focus on forcing turnovers:
“It was good, but we still need more. We pride ourselves on turnovers. Every time we break out, we break on “ball hog” or something like that to get us going and looking for turnovers. That’s definitely a big thing for us this year.”

“We did everything we could to win this thing, to try to win. We weren’t going to go in whining about playing a Division I team and all that. Utah State is better than where they were picked by their media, and I’m familiar enough with the conference to know what type of level that they play at. They are a very good team. When you play one of these teams, you’re a bit behind as it is, because of your 85 to 63 scholarships, but that’s no reason to complain. You just have to play really well, and they did. They blocked a punt, they returned an interception for a touchdown. Kent Myers has seen and played a lot of football. He was 24-of-26, that’s hard to win when a guy does that.”

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