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Oct. 12, 2013

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LOGAN, Utah -

Utah State Head Coach Matt Wells:
Opening statement:
"Obviously not the outcome that we wanted. The biggest thing for me is that while both sides were ugly and spotty at times, there's no quit in our kids. They fought to the bitter end, and I knew they would. I think there are things on both sides of the ball that we're going to wish we had back and some things that we're going to have to go back and regroup and clean up. Defensively, we played really well, and then we couldn't get off the field on third down. We didn't tackle very well and that's the first time I think the tackling thing has come up this year. Offensively, we just struggled for consistency. I thought both quarterbacks (Craig Harrison, Darell Garretson) did some good things. Obviously, we're not where we want to be with either of those guys. We'll continue to coach them and continue to play better."

"From our team standpoint, we don't control our own destiny now in the league. There's still a lot of football left for us. There's a lot of games that we're going to go compete in for an opportunity for us to go to three-straight bowl games. There are plenty of things for our team to play for. We will keep fighting. We'll regroup, make some corrections and look at this tape really hard. I think some things showed up that will be evident really quick."

On Darrell Garretson and who will start at quarterback next week:
"We'll go back and look at the tape and compare both of them. I can't answer that right now. I thought he (Garretson) did some good things there at the end. The guys got some confidence around him. You start throwing balls on time and it makes a big difference. In that second series, we were way late. A lot of this stuff is timing and rhythm. We'll evaluate it and go from there on Monday."

On D.J. Tialavea's injury:
"DJ will be out for the year. He broke a bone in his foot and will have surgery this week."

On the quarterback switch in the third quarter:
"I thought we were dead. I didn't think we had a whole lot going right there. Whether it was the end of the second quarter or that first three-and-out in the third, there were just a couple things I didn't like. We didn't have a whole lot of momentum at that time. To me it was close in deciding who was going to start. They both had good weeks in practice and I wanted to get Darell in. I wanted to see what he could do. He didn't start real well, but he finished a whole lot better."

Senior Cornerback Nevin Lawson
On the play of the defense:
"Defensively, I felt like we didn't play certain plays. Things just didn't go our way. We had a few mistakes, a couple missed tackles, but other than that we just have to watch the film, learn from it and move on."

On any added pressure on the defense with the offense struggling:
"Not at all. We know that we just have to go out there and just play; whatever we have to do to get the ball back to our offense. There wasn't any pressure, just us executing and getting the ball back to our offense."

Senior Wide Receiver Travis Reynolds
On the offense overall:
"I think that as an offense unit we definitely shot ourselves in the foot. There were a couple plays out there that we left on the field, and some horrible plays that every time we get in a rhythm we have a setback with an interception or a fumble or a miscommunication out there, and we need to go out there and clean that up."

On the play of Craig Harrison and Darell Garretson:
"Going in, we didn't know who was going to be the starter. As the game progressed, Craig (Harrison) was out there, moving the ball effectively and when Darell Garretson got in the game, he had to get his rhythm going. I can't really evaluate right now because all I'm doing is my job, so I'll just go watch film and take a look and just examine it from there."

On the execution of the short-to-mid-range passing game:
"I feel just like Coach (Wells) said, it's better to start second and five than second and 10, and we didn't convert on third downs because of what we did on first and second down. That stopped the momentum and we couldn't convert on third downs."

On the loss of various offensive players:
"All it is is adversity. You have to overcome it in this sport. Adversity's going to hit you at some point in life and it's not about being down, it's about overcoming adversity, and this is a team sport. We have those great leaders, those great starters, but that's why we have other great leaders and starters to pick that up. I told Chuckie (Keeton) and I told D.J. (Tialavea), `Don't worry; I got us.' That's just me, I have to take my talents to another level. We can cry and moan about all this adversity and all the hurting, but at the end of the day, it's about winning football games. No matter how you do it, no matter how you get it done, just go out there and get it done."

On fighting through the offensive struggles of turnovers:
"In a game like this you don't because in the big games, you can't have turnovers, mistakes and miscues and stuff like that because those little things can cost you the game. We'll just go to the film and clean everything up for next week."

Boise State Head Coach Chris Petersen
On Boise State's start to the game:
"Guys played well. I'm proud of them, how hard they played. I think Utah State has a fine team, I really do. I think our defense played at a really high level. I thought on offense we did some really good things, except for the turnovers; a few too many negative plays. I think if we could clean that up, that would be good. Credit to Utah State, they have a really good defense."

On the defense's play:
"I think they're starting to figure out some things, there's no question about it. I think they're definitely improving. They're starting just to get comfortable playing college football, and the speed of the game and our calls, and they're getting into a better groove. They got some turnovers. I thought they were pretty stout against the run. They didn't give up a whole lot. They hit one pass on us; the guy was open over the middle and we didn't get a good pass rush. They hit another one, but the ball was contested; their receiver made a play. You could live with those. But we made a lot of plays. They're throwing fades in the end zone right before half, and all that was impressive."

On the series of events at the end of the first half and if he thought USU was going to call timeouts:
"They called timeout; they blocked our punt. They caught us, and it's a good lesson. We have to be more aggressive coming out and have our guard up a little more."

On the momentum changes at the end of the first half:
"I think it was good because they got the momentum, and I think it's important at half time it's neutral or the other team doesn't have the momentum. So our guys took it right back. They did a great job kind of covering up for me not being aggressive enough."



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