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Nov. 24, 2012

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LOGAN, Utah -


Utah State Head Coach Gary Andersen
On being WAC Champions:
"Being a champion is a great thing for these kids. To have it outright, that's a big time, big deal. I'm so thankful and grateful to be here and to be part of this university, for the opportunity that Mr. (Scott)Barnes and President (Stan) Albrecht gave me four and a half years ago and to be surrounded by these kids."

"These kids have come so far. They put high expectations on themselves at the beginning of the year, starting January 7th. I'll never forget the day when they broke out of this room right here saying WAC Champs. They've said it hundreds and hundreds of times since then and now it's true."

"We started this week with the term 'never'. There were so many things that they could do that had never been accomplished at Utah State and they won today. It was a great opportunity for me to part of these kid's lives."

On how the Aggies played today:
"We just kind of hung in there the first half, the second half we played well offensively."

Idaho Interim Head Coach Jason Gesser
On how Idaho played today:
"They fought the entire game. I thought, quarterback play, offensively, we just couldn't get it done. We struggled in that facet. Our run game started doing really well. We stuck around in the game. Our defense, if we don't give them the ball deep in their own territory with 21 points in the game, we go into halftime 14-9 or something like, or something closer than that. Again, story of our season: shooting ourselves in the foot, turnovers. Gary Andersen's club is a great club. There is a reason why they won 10 ball games this year and why they are WAC Champions. I am proud of our guys."

"The end of the game, I am very, very embarrassed and ashamed of how that transpired and what took place. I want to apologize for everybody out there, to the Utah State fans, to the Idaho fans. It is something that definitely, as everybody knows, needs to be changed and fixed. It's coming. I do want to get that out there and let everybody know that I do apologize for that and that will never happen again as long as I am here as a coach."

On the difference from the first half and second half:
"I think the biggest difference was they racked up a couple of big plays. They had that one big hitter on that run. Defense made some stops and did some good things and then penalties, we gave them some yards. Offensively, we could not throw the ball today; we just could not throw it. Their corners, they've got some very, very good corners and then pressed up and jammed us up outside, couldn't get out of their jam. Once they started putting their nose back and knowing that we are going to run the ball every down, it's tough. We had to find a good balance and they knew that we were going to struggle passing the ball and they took advantage of it in the second half."

Utah State Senior Cornerback Will Davis
"First of all, this is simply amazing. Defensively, we did give up nine. They ran the ball on us more in the first half than we thought and that is something that does not really happen against us. We feel like we are a good run stop defense and that was disappointing, I think our coaches were disappointed with us at halftime, I think they ran for 120 yards in the first half, and that is not us. That is not who we are, and that is not a great defense and we pride ourselves in being a great defense. I felt like in the second half that we played a lot better, turnovers were huge. We haven't had that many turnovers in a game; it is always our goal to get three turnovers a game and this was the first time this year that we got it. Our defense definitely stepped up the second half. We finished it off right even though we gave up nine, you always want that to be zero but we did what we did and won the game."

Utah State Senior Wide Receiver Matt Austin>
"As you guys can tell, we kind of got off to a slow start, but we pulled through and we had to start running the ball a little bit more. We didn't come out like we should, but we finished the game out strong. We came out hard in the second half, and it was a different ball game. I feel great about the win. Our offense played hard, we played physical. We came out in the second half and proved our point and came out on top."

On the defensive turnovers and the effect from them:
"The defense played great. I was excited for them every time they got their fumble recoveries and picks. It was a good spot to be successful, putting the ball in the end zone. It's great to have someone to back us up if we don't make a play."

On going back to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl:
"I've been talking about it, I was almost positive we were going to go back there, mostly because of the fan base. That's one of the biggest things. If there's one thing that I love, it's our fan base. I feel like it's a good opportunity for us to go back to Boise. It's going to be even better. It's going to be great, I'm excited, and we just need to win. That's our goal. It's a great bowl, we just didn't come out on top last year."

On playing his last game in Romney Stadium:
"Honestly, it was kind of weird. I kind of got teary eyed before we walked out, just looking in the eyes of (McKade) Brady. I felt so bad for him, and just started crying because he should have been out there with us. It was just one of those things that I didn't quite know how to show my emotions. I just knew how badly he wanted to be out there and how hard he has worked this season to get where we're at. I don't even know how to explain my emotions going into this game."

On the emotions of head coach Gary Andersen:
"He's a real emotional guy, but we love him. That's how you know he cares. He cares about us as players first. That's the one thing I've noticed about Coach A from day one is that he cares. He lets his emotions show and he's just a great guy. He's turned all of us boys into men since I've been here. He's turned a lot of guys' lives around, including mine."

Senior Linebacker Bojay Fillimoeatu
"I think our defense played great. Our coaching staff did a great job just giving us pressure through the whole week to go out with the title and the win. I think we stepped up well in the welcome home sort of game. I think we came out on fire in the second half. I give it all to my coaches."

On his interception:
"Well if I didn't eat that last plate at Thanksgiving I would have been able to get the touchdown. It was great. It was really a missed call that we didn't get on defense. I just dropped in the coverage and saw him roll behind me. I kind of tipped the ball to myself and just took off down the field. I kind of blacked out and just felt like I was playing Madden again. I'm a big guy, but I played a little running back in high school."

On going back to a bowl game in Boise:
"We get a second chance to go to Idaho and come back with the W. It's our chance to finish off the year right. I think all of us have competitive hearts and are excited to go back. We would love to go back to the Idaho Potato Bowl, get a win and bring it back to Logan."

On playing his last game at Romney Stadium:
"It's emotional. It was good, but emotional walking out of that tunnel for the last time, seeing my whole family there. Like Matt (Austin) said, it was hard to see Oscar (Molina-Sanchez) and Kado (McKade Brady) standing there. It twisted my heart. You can tell everyone was teary, trying to hold it back. I had to keep looking down before someone took another picture. It was great to go out like that."



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