Mick Dennehy Meets With the Media

Aug. 28, 2000


Mick Dennehy, Head Coach

ON TWO-A-DAY PRACTICES (which ended on Thursday) -- "I feel really good in what we have done this far. I do get a little bit concerned, obviously, when your starting quarterback misses the last three or four days of practice (Jeff Crosbie was out due to a viral migraine). It is not like we can afford to take time off and unfortunately there are things that you just don't have that much control over and thank goodness he is feeling better now."

"We got through doubles. I thought we improved on a daily basis. I think it was a typical double session in which the offense looked really good at times and usually the day after the offense looked good the defense looked good because they felt like they had to turn it up a notch. All in all I am satisfied with that and I am really pleased with the fact that we never had anything go wrong injury wise that is going to prevent those kids that we are counting on from being able to play.

"I don't know if I can give an honest answer about where we are at right now. I don't know that any of us really have an idea. We have got to lineup and play a football game to see how good we are. I think the kids are jacked and we are all very excited about the opportunity to play a good Texas Tech football team."

ON WHO HAS BEEN A SURPRISE THIS FALL -- "I continue to be pleased with our offensive line. We have kind of been mixing up the pieces of the puzzle, just to make sure in our minds that we have the best five guys on the field. Jeff Long has been a good surprise."

"It would be hard to pick out an individual and say there was a surprise. We made great strides on defense and I particularly enjoy watching our corners play. I watch them lineup in one-on-one drills. They are very athletic and can bring a smile to your face. I just have a good feeling about their solidness. I have been pleased with the progress of some of our new receivers."

ON WATCHING TEXAS TECH -- "We ended up with a crappy copy of Fox Southwest. That is all we had. Sometimes TV tape is not all that good, because for example, on special teams coverage they follow the ball and you don't see the coverage team so you have to guess as to what some of them are doing. It is enough to give us some idea. I think basically in our preparation for these guys, from an offensive standpoint, we have gotten our hands on as much Hawaii film as we possibly could because that is where the defensive coordinator was in his last job. What we saw in the game Saturday reinforced what we have been preparing for from an offensive standpoint. From a defensive standpoint, we have gotten our hands on a lot of Oklahoma film... We feel comfortable that we are on the right track as well. The scary thing is the special teams."

ON THE TEXAS TECH-NEW MEXICO GAME -- "I think that Texas Tech on offense is so grossly different under coach (Mike) Leach than they were under coach (Spike) Dykes, that it is going to take them some time to be able to do the things they want to do in the passing game and in their protection schemes... I don't think they were running on all cylinders yet. Defensively I think they are very good. The game was kind of dominated by the defenses. Both defenses were pretty darn good. Looking at their personnel. Texas Tech has depth at the wide receiver spot. They are good there. Ricky Williams is a very, very good running back that is going to give them some opportunities in the running game that some teams don't have that throw the football. Defensively they have some great talent, particularly their strong safety, who is an outstanding talent and I liked the defensive end. They made some huge plays in that ballgame Saturday that kind of made the difference in the game. It looked like a typical first game. New Mexico looked to be a little bit in disarray. I think Texas Tech is good enough on defense to where they had a little bit to do with that."

ON TECH PLAYING ONE GAME ALREADY -- "Texas Tech came out of the game fairly healthy. There is always a tremendous amount of growth between the first game and second game, because you finally have an accurate idea of what you need to work on to get better. It is really difficult to do that based on practice."

ON PLAYING TEXAS TECH -- "We are going to have to go in and do things right on offense and defense. Based on their ability to make corrections and improvement, we are going to have to play this game like we have already played. We can't lay the ball down on the ground and give them extra chances. It is that simple... With the things we are doing we are going to have the ability to move the football, but we can't turn it over. We need a starting point. I think you will see a great opener from us."

Brad Bohn, Placekicker

ON HIS STATUS -- "I have had a pretty good fall. Coach (Craig) Dickenson has helped me out quite a bit and Junior Pututau and Jeff Crosbie have done a good job of snapping and holding."

ON THE SUMMER -- "I was fortunate enough to down there (Jacksonville) and work with Mike Hollis (placekicker for Jacksonville). He helped me out as much as he could. He taught me quite a bit about what it takes mentally. I learned that it doesn't matter how far the ball goes as long as it goes through. It is kind of like playing golf with guys that are trying to hit it 300 yards and you don't need to do that. When I came back up here I stayed all summer and lifted quite a bit, ran and kicked four times a week."

ON THE FIRST GAME -- "The guys are really excited, especially after watching games this past weekend and where we are at, as compared to last year. I think our team is ready to go and pretty excited to get on the field."

Adebolah Jimoh, Cornerback

ON THE OPENER -- "We know they like to pass. We are going to go out there and stay focused, stay in our coverages and try to be aggressive. They have a real good team. We are just going to try to execute and do our jobs."

ON STARTING -- "The coaches have a lot of confidence in me. I have been working hard and they have been behind me in everything that I do and that we do. We have a lot of good athletes in the secondary. All of us are good athletes and can play multiple positions. They believe in all of us. Everybody has worked hard this summer and we will just try to do the best we can."

ON TEXAS TECH -- "They like to pass. They have a real good quarterback and four or five good receivers they put out there and Ricky Williams is a real good back. I am sure they are going to try to mix it up and we are going to have to go out there and play football."



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