Boise State Sweeps the Aggies Men's Tennis Team



Jan. 17, 2005

BOISE, Idaho - The Utah State men's tennis team was swept in six straight singles matches and three doubles by 42nd ranked Boise State on Monday morning. Boise State won 7-0.

"Boise State is one of the strongest teams we will play all season," said Utah State head tennis coach Christian Wright. "There is no easing into this years matches."

Idaho won all six singles matches in straight sets. Aggie Joao Pinho put up a fight playing the No. 1 match, but lost 6-4, 6-2. At No. 2 Hannes Schenk was defeated 6-2, 6-2.

The Aggies play again on Saturday, Jan. 22 at Brigham Young University in Provo. The match is scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m.

Boise State 7, Utah State 0
 1. Jobe/Silva, BSU, def. Pinho/Young, USU, 8-4
 2. Klemann/Roberson, BSU, def. Schenk/Tyden, USU, 8-1
 3. Vaughan/Werbeck, BSU, def. Bouton/Ferguson, USU, 8-0
 1. Matias Silva, BSU, def. Joao Pinho, USU, 6-4 6-2
 2. Ikaika Jobe, BSU, def. Hannes Schenk, USU, 6-2 6-2
 3. Nils Klemann, BSU, def. Roshan Rusekhi, USU, 6-1 6-1
 4. Ehren Vaughan, BSU, def. Dantley Young, USU, 6-2 6-2
 5. Eric Roberson, BSU, def. Jonas Tyden, USU, 6-0 6-0
 6. Beck Roghaar, BSU, def. Brad Ferguson, USU, 6-0 6-3



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