Utah State Gymnastics Records Season-High Road Score of 195.325 at Elevate The Stage Meet
Freshman Autumn DeHarde captured her second consecutive floor title and sophomore McKinley Pavicic made her Aggie debut as Utah State's gymnastics team placed third in the Elevate The Stage meet with a season-high road score of 195.325.
Freshman Autumn DeHarde captured her second consecutive floor title and sophomore McKinley Pavicic made her Aggie debut as Utah State's gymnastics team placed third in the Elevate The Stage meet with a season-high road score of 195.325.
Feb. 23, 2018

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TOLEDO, Ohio - Freshman Autumn DeHarde captured her second consecutive floor title and sophomore McKinley Pavicic made her Aggie debut as Utah State's gymnastics team placed third in the Elevate The Stage meet with a season-high road score of 195.325.

Sixth-ranked Michigan and No. 12 Denver tied for first with matching 196.575s, while Bowling Green placed fourth with a 194.700.

"The team, as a whole, it felt great tonight," DeHarde said. "We did a really good job. We were more confident and more energetic going into the meet, so that helped a lot."

DeHarde matched her career high on floor with a 9.925. She has now captured three floor titles this season and six titles overall, which is tied for the team lead, along with junior Madison Ward.

"Floor tonight felt really good," DeHarde said. "My wrist slipped in the beginning, but I didn't want that to phase the rest of my routine, so I just got out there and had fun like I usually do. Floor, as a whole, was so much better. We had so much energy, and we all just wanted to get out there and get a 49."

The Aggies (6-6, 1-2 MRGC) did just that as they finished with a team score of 49.275. In the fourth spot on floor, freshman Faith Leary recorded a career-high 9.900 to tie for second. Ward had a 9.850 and freshman Mikaela Meyer matched her personal best with a 9.825.

"Floor killed it tonight. The energy on floor was phenomenal. They just did a great job, and I'm really proud of the effort they put in on floor," said first-year USU head coach Amy Smith. "Faith finally broke through with that 9.9. She's been working for that, so that was fantastic to see. Autumn anchored us to with that 9.925, and Madison Ward did one of the best floor routines she's done all year, so that was really great to see, too. Mikaela Meyer did a great job stepping in for Elle (Golison) again. The whole floor lineup did a great job."

Utah State began the meet on beam and scored a 48.875, highlighted by Pavicic recording a 9.875 in the anchor spot to tie for third.

"The last time I competed was in 2016 at state," Pavicic said. "It was amazing. Honestly, just being able to be out there with my team and feeling all the energy and support, it's what I've worked for every day in the gym, and it was great to be able to go out in competition and put in all the work and see the results. That was super fun, and the whole team did a great job on beam, so it was really awesome to be a part of that. I'm super happy with my performance on beam."

Smith was ecstatic to have Pavicic in the lineup.

"She's been out for two years, and for her to come in and anchor the beam lineup and go 9.875 is phenomenal," Smith said. "I'm really excited about her future as a Utah State gymnast."

Following beam and floor, Utah State was in second place with a 98.150, trailing Denver's 98.375. Michigan was in third with a 98.075, with Bowling Green in fourth at 97.600.

In the third rotation, the Aggies scored a 48.750. Freshman Mikaela Meyer tied her career high with a 9.850 to place fourth and lead Utah State on the event.

The Aggies closed the quad meet on bars, finishing with a 48.425. Sophomore Brittany Jeppesen highlighted the event for Utah State with a 9.800 to tie for ninth.

"We had a lot of great energy out there tonight, and like I said about my beam routine, we always have more in us that we can keep improving upon," Pavicic said. "But, we went out there tonight and hit 24 for 24 solid routines, so that was awesome that we finally put a meet together, and we'll continue to grow from here."

Smith agreed.

"We went 24 for 24 tonight, which has been a goal, and to finally put that in play is fantastic," the first-year coach said. "We've just got a few more tenths to put in here and there, and we're hoping to get Jazmyn Estrella back next week, which will help the bars lineup. Great job by Annie Beck, though, for stepping in and putting a bar routine together for us. That was great."

This was the final in a season-long four-meet road swing for Utah State. The Aggies finally return to the friendly confines of the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum to host in-state and MRGC-rival BYU on Friday, March 2, at 7 p.m. The Cougars are currently ranked 18th in the nation.

Fans can follow the Aggie gymnastics program at twitter.com/USUGymnastics, on Facebook at Utah State Gymnastics, and on Instagram at USUGymnastics. Fans can also follow the USU athletic program at twitter.com/USUAthletics or on Facebook at UtahStateAthletics.

Utah State at Elevate The Stage - Toledo, Ohio - SeaGate Convention Centre - Feb. 23, 2018

Team Results: T1. Denver - 196.575 (vault: 49.000; bars: 49.350; beam: 49.025; floor: 49.200); T1. Michigan - 196.575 (vault: 48.875; bars: 49.200; beam: 49.225; floor: 49.275); 3. Utah State - 195.325 (vault: 48.750; bars: 48.425; beam: 48.875; floor: 49.275); 4. Bowling Green - 194.750 (vault: 48.500; bars: 48.200; beam: 48.950; floor: 49.100).

Vault: 1. Paige Zaziski - MI, 9.925; 2. Jovannah East - BG, 9.900; 3. Diana Chesnok - DU, 9.875; 4. Mikaela Meyer - USU, 9.850; T5. Mia Sundstrom - DU, 9.825; T5. Emma McLean - MI, 9.825; T7. Maddie Karr - DU, 9.775; T7. Kaitlyn Schou - DU, 9.775; T7. Faith Leary - USU, 9.775; T10. Emily Glynn- DU, 9.750; T10. Sydney Townsend - MI, 9.750; T10. Nikole Addison - DU, 9.750; T10. Lauren DeMeno - BG, 9.750; T14. Lexi Funk - MI, 9.725; T14. Madison Ward - USU, 9.725; T14. Elle Golison -USU, 9.725; 17. Nacaida Kearns - BG, 9.700; 18. Autumn DeHarde - USU, 9.675; 19. Polina Shchennikova - MI, 9.650; T20. MaKayla Bullitt - USU, 9.625; T20. Shannon Goniwiecha - BG, 9.625; 22. Laura Mitchell - BG, 9.525; 23. Brianna Brown - MI, 9.500; 24. Katie Morsefield - BG, 9.250.

Bars: T1. Paige Zaziski - MI, 9.900; T1. Maddie Karr - DU, 9.900; T1. Emily Glynn - DU, 9.900; T4. Diana Chesnok - DU, 9.875; T4. Lynzee Brown - DU, 9.875; T6. Lexi Funk - MI, 9.850; T6. Polina Shchennikova - MI, 9.850; 8. Sydney Townsend - MI, 9.825; T9. Mia Sundstrom - DU, 9.800; T9. Brittany Jeppesen - USU, 9.800; T11. Brianna Brown - MI, 9.775; T11. Claire Kern - DU, 9.775; T13. Laura Mitchell - BG, 9.750; T13. Madison Ward - USU, 9.750; 15. Lauren Marinez - MI, 9.725; T16. Leighton Varnadore - USU, 9.700; T16. MaKayla Bullitt - USU, 9.700; 18. Lauren DeMeno - BG, 9.675; 19. Grace Logan - BG, 9.650; 20. Jovannah East - BG, 9.575; 21. Leslie Delgado - BG, 9.550; 22. Mikaela Meyer - USU, 9.475; 23. Annie Beck - USU, 9.350; 24. Lexi Augustine - BG, 9.150.

Beam: T1. Brianna Brown - MI, 9.900; T1. Kaitlin Schou - DU, 9.900; T3. Paige Zaziski - MI, 9.875; T3. McKinley Pavicic - USU, 9.875; 5. Lauren Marinez - MI, 9.850; T6. Lexi Funk - MI, 9.825; T6. Mia Sundstrom - DU, 9.825; T6. Jovannah East - BG, 9.825; T6. Laura Mitchell - BG, 9.825; T6. Autumn DeHarde - USU, 9.825; 11. Julia Beyer - BG, 9.800; T12. Maddie Karr - DU, 9.775; T12. Nikole Addison - DU, 9.775; T12. Polina Shchennikova - MI, 9.775; T12. Lexi Augustine - BG, 9.775; T16. Diana Chesnok - DU, 9.750; T16. Emily Briones - USU, 9.750; T18. Leighton Varnadore - USU, 9.725; T18. India McPeak - BG, 9.725; 20. Taylor Dittmar - USU, 9.700; 21. Nacaida Kearns - BG, 9.675; 22. Elle Golison - USU, 9.575; 23. Emily Glynn - DU, 9.325; 24. Maggie O'Hara - MI, 9.300.

Floor: 1. Autumn DeHarde - USU, 9.925; T2. Maddie Karr - DU, 9.900; T2. Lexi Funk - MI, 9.900; T2. Brianna Brown - MI, 9.900; T2. Faith Leary - USU, 9.900; T6. Paige Zaziski - MI, 9.875; T6. Kaitlyn Schou - DU, 9.875; T6. Kayla Rose - BG, 9.875; T9. Sydney Townsend - MI, 9.850; T9. Madison Ward - USU, 9.850; T11. Mia Sundstrom - DU, 9.825; T11. Jovannah East - BG, 9.825; T11. Laura Mitchell - BG, 9.825; T11. Mikaela Meyer - USU, 9.825; T11. Lexi Augustine - BG, 9.825; T16. Emily Glynn - DU, 9.800; T16. Nikole Addison - DU, 9.800; T16. Claire Kern - DU, 9.80019. Leighton Varnadore - USU, 9.775; T20. Lauren Marinez - MI, 9.750; T20. Nacaida Kearns - BG, 9.750; 22. Emily Briones - USU, 9.725; 23. India McPeak - BG, 9.575; 24. Polina Shchennikova - MI, 0.000.

All-Around: 1. Paige Zaziski - MI, 39.575; 2. Maddie Karr - DU, 39.350; 3. Lexi Funk - MI, 39.300; 4. Mia Sundstrom - DU, 39.275; 5. Jovannah East - BG, 39.125; 6. Brianna Brown - MI, 39.075; 7. Laura Mitchell - BG, 38.925; 8. Emily Glynn - DU, 38.775.




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