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Strength & Conditioning Program Goals

  • Injury Prevention - Athletic success and a positive collegiate experience is enhanced through elimination of all injuries. All strength, energy system, and nutrition protocols will begin with this end in mind

  • Personal Development - All strength coaches and student-athletes will be accountable to one another. This includes following training procedures and times as so instructed, maintaining an open line of communication, and putting forth maximum effort during each training session

  • Athletic Development Each coach will design his or her programs to optimize each athlete's ability to succeed at his or her specific sport or event. All measures will be taken to see that the sport coach's input are used in conjunction with the expertise of the supervising strength and conditioning coach

  • Integrated Periodization - Each team's program will aim to optimize practice, game, academic, social, living, and personal stressors. Each of these factors will effect sport performance and need to be considered everyday

Utah State University Strength & Conditioning Mission Statement

Utilize the latest methods in the field of strength training, energy system training, and nutrition in order to enhance the athletic development of each student athlete. The strength and conditioning department will strive to support the academic and athletic success in every way possible while following the rules and guidelines set forth by the NCAA.

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